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Sep. 8th, 2016


Luffy's Ordeal Author Notes

As much as I love my 'baby style' OP icon, this fic needed the "I ship everything" (for obvious reasons, I hope).

The story in tl;dr – "Law triggers a long overdue puberty, and Luffy accidentally pervs on the Strawhat crew."

Anyway, on to the Author Notes:

Under the foldCollapse )

If anybody ever reviews this fic I think they'll ask for what happens afterward. I know that soon after he leaves the crows nest Chopper gives Luffy 'the talk', but I can't think of what would happen after.  I tried to not show any shipping preferences in the fic, portraying all the strawhats as equally attractive to Luffy (even though the descriptions get increasingly sexual as the hormone rush intensifies). Having him actually hook up with someone would break all that, IMO.

Luffy's Ordeal

Title: Luffy’s Ordeal
Author: c2t2
Rating: High T / Low M
Pairings: This is Luffy/Everyone I guess. Slight hints of a few others.
Warnings: Not graphic, but brief references to male anatomy.

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Sep. 4th, 2016

talking to myself, senile


You know what grinds my gears? Let me tell you.

Having a story, nearly complete, that I really like, and I CAN'T POST IT because I can't think of a title!

The first two or three times this happened might be written off as bad luck, a series of flukes. I'm now on approximately time number 8 of delaying a fricken fracken fanfic because I can't come up with a title. And I am NOT a prolific writer*, so number 8-ish is a lot.

This trend no longer has any plausible deniability - I suck at titles.
Some of the ones I've eventually settled on are so bad I'm certain I'm losing readers.
I don't know how to fix this.

I'm occasionally stymied by summaries, but can usually come up with something serviceable. My title skills are hopeless. I need some kind of help and have no idea where to start.

Complaining on the internet probably won't help, but it can be cathartic. It's also a way to announce that I've got a One Piece oneshot coming. Eventually**. I just need a title.

* Comes from being an editor and proofreader IRL. I am incapable of the word-vomit that authors need to start with to get their ideas down on paper. I'm like a dog with a bone for every single sentence - I can't move on until it's right. It's as exhausting as it sounds and will never be a workable writing method - which is why I'm confined to rare posts of fanfiction, rather than any attempt to be an actual writer.

** Obviously like all writers I've got a dozen partial stories saved in random places, but this one is close enough to complete that I'm reasonably confident it's going to be posted in a somewhat timely manner.

Aug. 19th, 2016

Bleach, Renji

Bleach finale!

Everybody hated it. EVERYBODY.

Therefore, of course I kind of liked it.

I admit an embarrassing amount of it comes down to shipping. Specifically Renji. All the no in the world isn't enough for ByaRen. I mean, YAY RukiRen! But nearly any Renji pairing except Byakuya is okay with me. Ikkaku, Ichigo, Tatsuki, Matsumoto, Orihime, Chad, anyone but Byakuya. This is weird, since I otherwise ship everything/everyone in the Bleachverse.

Moving on...

I flat out love Chad as a wrestler. Stereotypical, sure. But damnit I like it anyway!

Creepy overpowered children amuse me sometimes.

Bleach is shonen, so plot is secondary and character development is tertiary at best. All the character arcs that were unresolved and plot threads dropped were inevitable with how Kubo writes (His method of overcoming writer's block is to create dozens of new characters each and every time.) With that many hundreds of characters all doing their own thing there is no possibility that anything could be resolved to anyone's satisfaction.

The worldbuilding has been broken from the beginning. (I am Not Okay with the 'hell gate' thing from the first chapters. I am much more okay with the idea that terrible people immediately Hollowify upon death. That would almost even justify the existence of so many shinigami. Also, where do people from other cultures go when they die?) HOW did they get Aizen back into Muken?  Who/what is holding the worlds together if the soul king is dead?!?! (I like to think Ukitake took the job myself, that ties up two loose ends) YOUR WORLD, IT DOES NOT WORK.

Then again, there's still such relief. For once I don't feel compelled to fix-fic.
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Jun. 12th, 2016


In which I take it all back

The dub of 459 was massively disappointing. Whoever scripted this ep was clearly phoning it in. I expected so much better. *sigh*

I guess I'm just spoiled :(

Jan. 1st, 2016

talking to myself, senile

Birthday notes to fictional characters?

Weird? Sure.


Happy birthday Ace <3
We miss you


Dec. 20th, 2015


OP Dub

I cannot believe it took me this long to watch the English Dub of Sabaody/Amazon Lily. I was floored, in the best possible way.

Boa Hancock's voice actress couldn't have been more perfect, and she somehow made the 'because I am beautiful' tagline actually sound natural. I couldn't even imagine doing that.

Luffy's breakdown at Sabaody was much less cringeworthy than than the original. Awesome job.

Now that the little stuff is out of the way, the main point: ep 417. The final scene. Garp and Ace. This is my favorite scene in the series. I get a jolt of intense feels every time I see it. I thought there was no possible way the dub could do it justice. I was wrong. The English was damn near perfect. Somebody find Garp's voice actor and saint him. Then find and saint whoever translated that particular scene into believable, naturally flowing English. Goddamn.

Funimation, I forgive you. All your past mistakes are forgiven. This was beautiful.

I like the tone of Garp's english AV so much better than the Japanese one. Japanese Garp is cold and challenging. English Garp sounded tired, like he's finally feeling his age. There's sadness in his voice that's almost gentle. It was more human and it sold me on 'an old man seeing his grandson on death row.' Any affection injected into OP has my approval. (Oda is so strict on the 'no affection between any characters ever' thing that the interaction between Ace and Luffy felt downright dirty. Thus the ship!)


The continuation of the same scene in 421 was less perfect but still competent. My few quibbles:

Ace sounded like he was ordering Garp to kill him, rather than begging to die.

Garp's line: "seems the Navy has made the King of the Sea (.............................[a tumbleweed blows by]....................) mad as hell." The VA did his best with the line, but the structure is so weird it can't sound natural no matter how talented he is. It's one of those 'the translation might be TOO direct' things that I don't dare to complain about, because it's so much better than the alternative and it's such an impossible balancing act.

I would have gone with "It's too late. We've already angered...(dramatic pause)... the King of the Sea." which sounds more natural and more cool, since it emphasizes on Whitebeard's status as the de facto pirate king, rather than centering his mood.

But the scene was still done so well that I can't complain.

Nov. 11th, 2015

3 baby style, zoro, OP

1P1P ch4 Notes

ShickCollapse )
3 baby style, zoro, OP

1P1P chapter 4

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Aug. 19th, 2015


New-old fandoms (or not)

I've been binge-watching new animes recently. None of them 'caught' me to the point of writing fanfic, but I may as well write a few notes here -

Cowboy Bebop - I gave this another shot because of how much I loved Samurai Champloo. I ended up forcing myself through it just to say I'd watched the whole thing. The one character I acrtually liked was Jet, even though Ed was cute and Ein was unobjectionable. The only time I gave so much as half a damn about Spike was in the series finale, and I never cared even that much about Faye at all. It almost makes me believe in alchemy, since this show is the perfect example of how just putting together the formula doesn't mean I'm interested. I'm guessing that the backstory was fully told and made sense if someone went back and looked for clues. However, I could barely watch it the first time through, so I'm not going back for detective work.

SAO - This was good. I... have nothing more constructive to say? The premise kept me interested (even though it was way too damsel-y), and in a weird juxtaposition, I liked all the characters we weren't supposed to hate. (Although the Evil characters were way, way overdone. Seriously over the top E-V-I-L humans breaks a story for me. People aren't like that! They at least rationalize their behavior.)


One final nobody-cares note. I've wasted most of a day on a fruitless online search. In Samurai Champloo, Fuu gets sold to a brothel and is put in with all the regular prostitutes and treated just like them. I know a geisha's 'mizuage' - or deflowering - costs a huge amount of money. Is a normal brothel girl's virginity worth nothing? I find that hard to believe, but have found next to nothing about the daily lives or initiation rites of ordinary Tokugawa/Edo period prostitutes.

Which is a roundabout way of saying... Did SC imply that Fuu wasn't a virgin?
See, that would make an excellent story starting point.
And I shouldn't care, since SC is notorious for anachronisms and historical inaccuracy. But I DO care, because I'm weird like that. I don't like not knowing something and being unable to find out.

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