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New-old fandoms (or not)

I've been binge-watching new animes recently. None of them 'caught' me to the point of writing fanfic, but I may as well write a few notes here -

Cowboy Bebop - I gave this another shot because of how much I loved Samurai Champloo. I ended up forcing myself through it just to say I'd watched the whole thing. The one character I acrtually liked was Jet, even though Ed was cute and Ein was unobjectionable. The only time I gave so much as half a damn about Spike was in the series finale, and I never cared even that much about Faye at all. It almost makes me believe in alchemy, since this show is the perfect example of how just putting together the formula doesn't mean I'm interested. I'm guessing that the backstory was fully told and made sense if someone went back and looked for clues. However, I could barely watch it the first time through, so I'm not going back for detective work.

SAO - This was good. I... have nothing more constructive to say? The premise kept me interested (even though it was way too damsel-y), and in a weird juxtaposition, I liked all the characters we weren't supposed to hate. (Although the Evil characters were way, way overdone. Seriously over the top E-V-I-L humans breaks a story for me. People aren't like that! They at least rationalize their behavior.)


One final nobody-cares note. I've wasted most of a day on a fruitless online search. In Samurai Champloo, Fuu gets sold to a brothel and is put in with all the regular prostitutes and treated just like them. I know a geisha's 'mizuage' - or deflowering - costs a huge amount of money. Is a normal brothel girl's virginity worth nothing? I find that hard to believe, but have found next to nothing about the daily lives or initiation rites of ordinary Tokugawa/Edo period prostitutes.

Which is a roundabout way of saying... Did SC imply that Fuu wasn't a virgin?
See, that would make an excellent story starting point.
And I shouldn't care, since SC is notorious for anachronisms and historical inaccuracy. But I DO care, because I'm weird like that. I don't like not knowing something and being unable to find out.



September 2016

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