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3 baby style, zoro, OP

1P1P chapter 4

Trafalgar Law thought back to his days as a boy, before the white death. His best friends had been Tiananmen and Times. He still missed them, even though their classmates said they were all a bunch of squares.

Zoro was proud of his ability to sleep anywhere, a skill born of long years of being unable to find his bed.

Chopper banged on the locked door, only to flee as Zoro’s voice boomed “GO AWAY!” from the other side.

Inside, Sanji took a long drag of his cigarette, “Damn, Marimo, I’m always impressed how well you talk with your mouth full.”

Zeff could wait no longer. Going mad with hunger, his body slowly shutting down, he waited. The treasure was worthless here, and his own limbs were his only hope of survival. He needed his hands to cook, needed his legs to fight. He could not keep both his dreams alive. He would give up one or lose everything.

He decided. And the sharp stone came down.

When the crew complained that Luffy should be courteous and thoughtful like his brother, the young captain paused for a moment and looked into the distance. His mind flashing back to a rickety bridge… and when Luffy fell into the gorge, the final image – of dark eyes burning hot with hate and pain.

Law rubbed his temples, regretting this alliance with the Strawhat Pirates. He was not fluent in all eight dialects of Crazy, and trying to translate was giving him a headache.

Usopp slept with his blanket covering him completely from head to toe. This was a minor inconvenience and a major embarrassment some mornings when one of the crew mistook the tented blanket for his nose and grabbed the wrong part. … He suspected that Robin did it on purpose.

He’d saved a kingdom for a friend, then declared war on the World Government to help another. He’d punched out a Tenryuubito to avenge a third, and did all of the above in Dressrosa for a fourth. Luffy was a force of nature, a power that would remake the world.

Zoro’s knees bend. His forehead presses to the floor. “Teach me to use the sword!” Anyone who’d known him would have said that there was nothing stronger than Zoro’s pride. They would be wrong.

Zoro’s pride would bend only under one force – the strength of his will.

He was seven, and the strongest person Luffy knew was torn and bleeding from the stump of his ruined shoulder.

He was seventeen and the second strongest person he’d ever known whispered his final words into Luffy’s ear, his last breath brushing the skin not covered by bandages.

Luffy is nineteen, and he knows no one is invincible.



September 2016

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