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Bleach, Renji

Bleach finale!

Everybody hated it. EVERYBODY.

Therefore, of course I kind of liked it.

I admit an embarrassing amount of it comes down to shipping. Specifically Renji. All the no in the world isn't enough for ByaRen. I mean, YAY RukiRen! But nearly any Renji pairing except Byakuya is okay with me. Ikkaku, Ichigo, Tatsuki, Matsumoto, Orihime, Chad, anyone but Byakuya. This is weird, since I otherwise ship everything/everyone in the Bleachverse.

Moving on...

I flat out love Chad as a wrestler. Stereotypical, sure. But damnit I like it anyway!

Creepy overpowered children amuse me sometimes.

Bleach is shonen, so plot is secondary and character development is tertiary at best. All the character arcs that were unresolved and plot threads dropped were inevitable with how Kubo writes (His method of overcoming writer's block is to create dozens of new characters each and every time.) With that many hundreds of characters all doing their own thing there is no possibility that anything could be resolved to anyone's satisfaction.

The worldbuilding has been broken from the beginning. (I am Not Okay with the 'hell gate' thing from the first chapters. I am much more okay with the idea that terrible people immediately Hollowify upon death. That would almost even justify the existence of so many shinigami. Also, where do people from other cultures go when they die?) HOW did they get Aizen back into Muken?  Who/what is holding the worlds together if the soul king is dead?!?! (I like to think Ukitake took the job myself, that ties up two loose ends) YOUR WORLD, IT DOES NOT WORK.

Then again, there's still such relief. For once I don't feel compelled to fix-fic.
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September 2016

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