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talking to myself, senile


You know what grinds my gears? Let me tell you.

Having a story, nearly complete, that I really like, and I CAN'T POST IT because I can't think of a title!

The first two or three times this happened might be written off as bad luck, a series of flukes. I'm now on approximately time number 8 of delaying a fricken fracken fanfic because I can't come up with a title. And I am NOT a prolific writer*, so number 8-ish is a lot.

This trend no longer has any plausible deniability - I suck at titles.
Some of the ones I've eventually settled on are so bad I'm certain I'm losing readers.
I don't know how to fix this.

I'm occasionally stymied by summaries, but can usually come up with something serviceable. My title skills are hopeless. I need some kind of help and have no idea where to start.

Complaining on the internet probably won't help, but it can be cathartic. It's also a way to announce that I've got a One Piece oneshot coming. Eventually**. I just need a title.

* Comes from being an editor and proofreader IRL. I am incapable of the word-vomit that authors need to start with to get their ideas down on paper. I'm like a dog with a bone for every single sentence - I can't move on until it's right. It's as exhausting as it sounds and will never be a workable writing method - which is why I'm confined to rare posts of fanfiction, rather than any attempt to be an actual writer.

** Obviously like all writers I've got a dozen partial stories saved in random places, but this one is close enough to complete that I'm reasonably confident it's going to be posted in a somewhat timely manner.



September 2016

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