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Luffy's Ordeal Author Notes

As much as I love my 'baby style' OP icon, this fic needed the "I ship everything" (for obvious reasons, I hope).

The story in tl;dr – "Law triggers a long overdue puberty, and Luffy accidentally pervs on the Strawhat crew."

Anyway, on to the Author Notes:

I confess with great shame that I lack the imagination to include Brook and Chopper in this fic. If someone knows a way to make those two sexy in a naïve and innocent mind, I hereby acknowledge your superiority and beg you to enlighten me. Also shame on you for leaving this story to be written by someone so incompetent! (me)



One part of the fic I’m especially proud of is the conversation with Robin. The humor of waking up to the captain innocently humping her, the subtle death threat disguised as her usual morbid imagination, the elegant rephrasing of the sentiment ‘I cannot deal with this shit before caffeine’. Then the way Luffy actually picks up on the threat and hightails it to the crow’s nest…

I know it’s shameful, and writing should speak for itself, but I felt the need point all that out because damnit I really liked how it turned out.


By the way, Luffy’s sleeping habits snuggling with his crew is my personal headcanon, and will likely appear in future fics if any of them ever get published. It sounds like a transparent shipping gimmick, but I actually have plausible excuses.

Luffy’s metabolism is extremely high when he’s awake and always moving, seen both in his appetite and how it takes such a long time for him to feel cold*. But when he goes to sleep he’s not constantly moving anymore, and his lack of body mass catches up to him so he cuddles with the warmest available nakama. See? Non-shipping reasons!

*Seen in places like Drum in canon. It’s attributed to his stupidity by the other Strawhats, but he shows no such delay noticing extreme heat in Alabasta and Impel Down. Thus my headcanon about his metabolism.


Luffy’s POV was a fun challenge. I’ve written plenty of characters who are pretty dense (that’s what you get in shonen anime), so I’m used to multiple rounds of editing to simplify words and sentence structures; but I’ve never tried writing the voice of someone who is truly, actively stupid before. Luffy gets by entirely on charisma and determination**. He’s not just lacking basic reasoning, education, social skills, and any knowledge about the world he lives in - he has no mental capabilities beyond the author-endowed battle smarts that never translate to anything else in any way ever.

Trying to write someone like that is paradoxically challenging.

**And luck. Oda himself confirmed that Luffy’s luck is unbelievable.


A large part of the fic is Luffy struggling to communicate, and not knowing how to do it. His lack of social skills and intelligence combined with Ace’s Rule causes problems.

Ace’s Rule (against Luffy talking about his private parts to random people) seems like something he would have actually needed to do; beatings and all. Otherwise you know that the rubber idiot would give it a name and be waving his stuff in everyone’s face any chance he got, which is bad enough for a small child, but much worse after they started growing up. The rule was only about talking because Ace was trying in his own (violent) way to keep his rubber dunce as safe as possible, without going too far and turning him into someone who was afraid of things like peeing or bathing around other guys. That part was successful. (Yay Ace!) Unfortunately, this story’s Ace assumed hetero*** Luffy later in life, which causes the communication block with Usopp. (Zoro might not need words to talk to Luffy, but the rest of the crew doesn’t share that ability.)

***The 'pretty girls' exception is necessary to fill the plothole of Luffy educating all of Amazon Lily about the nature of his weird ‘mushroom’. I imagine Luffy doesn’t understand the nuances of what ‘pretty’ is, so he assumes anyone who isn’t actively repellent is close enough to count. (I approve!)


Finally: the fairy tale trope of Prince Charming waking the sleeping princess with a kiss. ...only in this case the princess was Luffy's libido, I guess.


If anybody ever reviews this fic I think they'll ask for what happens afterward. I know that soon after he leaves the crows nest Chopper gives Luffy 'the talk', but I can't think of what would happen after.  I tried to not show any shipping preferences in the fic, portraying all the strawhats as equally attractive to Luffy (even though the descriptions get increasingly sexual as the hormone rush intensifies). Having him actually hook up with someone would break all that, IMO.



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