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Jun. 7th, 2015

Bleach, Renji

Notes for Stop

I used the Renji icon for the fic (and now) even though it’s not a Bleachfic. It seemed appropriate, what with the gore and Renji’s glare.

If I had to place a central idea to this oneshot, it would be this: “Where is the line?”

Everyone draws their line somewhere different, everyone has another line where a person has gone too far to ever turn back (tvtropes calls this the moral event horizon). These lines change all the time. No two sets of circumstances are the same.

Almost the first thing Mugen does in the second episode is threaten to rape an unconscious Fuu. I instantly decided he was irredeemable – then episodes 13-14 and 25 happened, and I got all confused.

This story was the result.

Also, I needed to detox after the sweetness of O&M2.

Back to the fic:

I... have no idea how much Mugen’s lying. The only things we know for sure are that 1: ‘hell didn’t want me’ is NOT the reason he keeps dragging himself out of death. So we know he’s lying at least that much. And 2: he's telling at least a partial truth, since we know he was a pirate and we see brief images in his flashback. In one of them he's drenched in blood, and he's shown more than once walking out of a burning building/town. Reader's choice about how much is true.

I guess it’s a clever bit of trickery where the reader can go as far as they can and assume the rest is made up to try and drive Fuu away.

Mugen's wording implied that he killed only one pregnant woman . That's worrying, since if he was lying you'd think he would invent more than one.

re: the 'please'. canon!Mugen would never say please (except sarcasm). Being reduced to begging is ooc, but worked to show desperation here, so I left it.

Moving on -

It’s common fanon that the brothers did rapey things to Fuu when they captured her. I didn’t think they did when I first watched it, but on second viewing… it was definitely implied. We don’t know if eyepatch guy stopped with groping her or if he went all the way. He showed no hint of restraint in any other aspect, so I’d say it’s better-than-even odds he did more than just fondle her a little that one time that we saw.

Back to Mugen: Self-hatred is weirdly easy for me to write. I can’t explain it. I haven’t done anything really bad in my life, so it’s not personal experience. Huh.

Second person ‘half conversation /spoken words only’* style is completely new to me. Showing only one side of the conversation is weirdly intriguing. This was a cool stylization experiment if nothing else. It’s interesting how much we can glean about what Fuu is saying and doing just from Mugen’s spoken lines.

*Is there a term for this? It’s not ‘dialogue only’ because we only get one side of the dialogue, and it’s not ‘monologue’ because there’s more than one person speaking. Second person limited, maybe?
Bleach, Renji

Here's that dark thing I was talking about -

Title: Stop
by: c2t2
Rating: M for Mugen. Seriously.
Warning: Light-ish descriptions of murder, brutality, and noncon. Implied romantic feelings. Angst.
Summary: Mugen is beyond redemption (implied MuFu)

AN: Holy shitballs, this went dark.

Cut because holy crap this is brutal even for me.Collapse )


Jun. 6th, 2015

fearless, Champloo

I'm sick in the thing.

(Warning thing: overuse of the word 'thing')

After writing a happy thing, I get uncomfortable and internally off balance.

It's a thing with me: dark comes far more natural than light. It may be a learned thing - I have far more experience with cruelty than with kindness - or it may be innate, or maybe it's that depression thing. Yeah, that thing. I hate that thing.

Anyway, the instant I finished writing O&M2 I also wrote this other thing. It's a dark thing and a very brutal thing, based off a thing in SC I'm struggling with.

After putting the thing aside for a few days, it doesn't suck to an embarrassing extent, so the thing might get posted!

It's still a SC thing- a Mugen thing. One of these days I'll get past Samurai Champloo. I still have so many Ranma/IY/Bleach/OP stories that are half-written. I DON'T NEED another fandom, but this one isn't letting me go just yet.

Second Warning thing - there's a dark thing coming.


It's after midnight. Please ignore this thing until it's deleted in embarrassment.

May. 31st, 2015

talking to myself, senile

Opportunity and Motive chapter 2 Notes and OMAKE

Bonus !

Omake/Comedic Epilogue
Cut because Mugen’s languageCollapse )

Lots of rambling notes -

I can't even put into words how fun it was to really cut loose with the swearing. Even typically vulgar characters are never quite as profane as I'm capable of, and I've never had the chance to go all out before. This fic was worth it just for that.

So obviously I tried ending with chapter one, but I couldn’t just leave them like that. Here’s the resolution. (If you find this chapter to be skin-crawlingly purple melodrama, just pretend the story ended after CH1. Or make up your own ending. Since no one profits or has copyrights, fandom is a free-for-all! Is meta- fanfic a thing?)

Back when I wrote Passing the Torch, I justified it to myself that I had never posted porn before. This time I can justify it with I've never posted hetero porn before.

And since I wasn't trying to purge embarrassment, I didn't make it pure depravity like PtT was. And I guess it proved PtT's purge worked, since I only now realized I wasn't self conscious about the smut.

Writing it was truly bizarre. Gross TMI cyphered with rot13 *(I've done this twice in barely a week now) -

V pbhyq tb vagb n YBG zber qrgnvy naq eryl yrff ba bgure crbcyr'f rkcrevraprf, fvapr V pbhyq whfg chyy sebz zl bja ivivq zrzbevrf bs grrantr fzrk.

V zntvpnyyl ryvzvangrq gur rkpehpvngvat cnva gur svefg srj gvzrf, gubhtu, fvapr gung'f abg erzbgryl frkl. Url, fbzr jbzra unir ab cnva ng nyy, naq V qrpvqrq Shh jnf bar bs gurz.

Bar zber GZV guvat: V fnvq gung V hfrq zl zrzbel gb nqq ernyvfgvp gbhpurf. Nf onq nf Shh'f svefg rkcrevrapr jnf va guvf svp... yrg'f whfg fnl V unq ab vqrn ubj ebhtu puncgre bar jnf, orpnhfr vg jnf n uhaqerq/gubhfnaq/zvyyvba gvzrf orggre guna nalguvat V rire rkcrevraprq qhevat zl svefg srj lrnef bs orvat frkhnyyl npgvir. Ab wbxr, gur jnl zra gerngrq zr jura V jnf 15-16 naq ihyarenoyr jnf zhygvcyr beqref bs zntavghqr jbefr guna guvf svp. Puncgre bar'f qnex!Zhtra vf n tragyr fnvag va pbzcnevfba.

Fb, ubcrshyyl gung rkcynvaf n pbhcyr bs guvatf.


Jeez, I forgot to post the rest of the commentary. I freakin fail at life.

This line: "Fuu felt like an echo in a canyon, repeating herself endlessly." - That was originally "Fuu felt like a broken record". I changed it because records - working or broken - didn't exist in Tokugawa Japan. This wouldn't be worth its own note, but I'm still not sure it was the right call. I mean, the end of the INTRO is a spinning vinyl record. The entire series is based on hip-hop and revels in anachronisms. It wouldn't be out of place in the actual show, but he anachronism might distract from the intensity of the scene, so I took the cautious (cowardly?) approach.

Jin's line: "You deserve more than what I can give. More than either of us can give." - clearly he has more scruples than Mugen.

Mugen's line: "I want to teach you the sword..." - That was another iffy one, since the guy canonically has zero formal training. I didn't want to wreck the flow of the scene, otherwise I would have clarified that he wants her to know how to fight, but doesn't yet realize he can't do it himself.

Fuu's line: "You are so completely full of shit, you know that?" - was the last iffy bit. She doesn't swear all that often, but I consider this to be the exception.

Okay, then!
fearless, Champloo

Opportunity and Motive chapter 2

Read more...Collapse )

May. 28th, 2015

fearless, Champloo

Apparently, SC isn't going to let me go so easily.

Griping about someone else’s fanficCollapse )

May. 22nd, 2015

talking to myself, senile

Opportunity and Motive Author Notes

I love soft and fluffy Mugen.
This story - is NOT soft and fluffy Mugen.
Or at least, the soft and fluffy side of him is so well hidden that it manifests warped and twisted. You have to really look to see it.

As far as Mugen acting like an utter jackass...
I'm just gonna give away the whole thing here, translated with rot13 :

Gur xrl vf gur qvfpbaarpg orgjrra jung Zhtra fnlf if jung ur qbrf.

VZB, gur yvar nobhg oernxvat n ivetva npghnyyl zrnag "Url, fgbc ehvavat gur nsgretybj jvgu hapbzsbegnoyr dhrfgvbaf!"

Fb- Zhtra vfa'g npghnyyl n gbgny zbafgre. Ur qbrfa'g zrna unys bs jung ur fnlf, gura ur pna'g cnff hc na bccbeghavgl, snvyf fcrpgnphyneyl ng zhygvgnfxvat, naq fgbzcf ba urnegf.


The ship is mostly MuFu, obviously. But there's undeniable background FuuJin.
(I'm rather disgusted with myself for how mesmerizing I find Mugen. I'm still fighting to come to terms with that. For someone who is blatantly hideous half the time, and with an utterly repulsive personality... he has NO RIGHT to be that attractive. The only thing that makes any sense is that my chaotic alignment overrides my 'decent human' alignment so hard that it doesn't even register) [Edit: OMG, he's voiced by Kazuya Nakai. Aka Zoro. That would go a LONG way in explaining it]

Jin is canonically the better fighter. I don't know whether Fuu knows that, but added it in anyway.

A lot of fandom is wary about writing explicit stuff between someone 15 and 19. Not only was she plenty old enough for the time... but I REMEMBER being a 15 year old girl, and I was completely out of my flippin mind with frustrated hormones and rampant libido. Not everyone was like me, but still!

Last and least... the feral children with the blood sacrifice ritual! I really don't know what was going on there, and I'm kind of sad I didn't explore it more. In the back of my head, it was a cross between the Children of the Corn and the children's religion of Saltlace from Digger.


I think that in the end things will work themselves out, Mugen will stop lying to himself (and everyone else), and Fuu will forgive him for being a little bit broken.
(Edit: I freakin wrote it. I wrote the second part. I'm not going to post it unless requested, though.) [Update: Posted].
fearless, Champloo

Opportunity and Motive

Yikes!Collapse )

May. 21st, 2015


New fandom?

I saw this thing:


And it was the best anime fight scene I'd ever watched.

Usually, animes cheat hugely with fight scenes. Maybe only showing a few movements and cutting out everything that actually matters in favor of zoomy lines and flashes of light.

Not only does SC NOT do that, but the stuff in the AMV is at the very edge of what a human being can actually do. The physics aren't impossible. Some parkour experts pull off the maneuvering, gymnasts can do the acrobatics, break dancers can do Mugen's footwork, and I'm no swordsman, but I've studied martial arts for more than a few years, and virtually all of it seems possible, only slightly exaggerated with all those specialties combined.

There's one maneuver that looks like Mugen changes direction midair, but on second watching, he's actually rebounding off a pillar. The only thing I was really iffy on was the dark samurai they fight in the middle/end of the AMV is unnaturally strong.

So I watched the whole series.

It's now among my favorites, if not THE favorite.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely hateHateHATE the gimmick episodes (the baseball one, the graffitti one, the zombie one...*) but the ones that actually mattered to the story were just about perfect. (and one fanfic turned the zombie one into something chillingly awesome here )

I watched the sub. The dub is... surprisingly good. If anything, it has the OPPOSITE problem than what dubs are notorious for - It's TOO accurate. Common turns of phrase don't translate well, and the flow of the dialogue sounds 'off' as a result. Major points for trying, though, Funimation! Thank you for being so much better than you once were! I, for one, appreciate the infinity-zillion percent improvement since the old DBZ days!!!


Usually, when it comes to sexytimes, a person's anime options are 1: everyone's asexual 2: idealization, whether girly romance or dudebro player fantasies, and 3: blatant porn. The middle balance is one thing I really like about American live action tv. The SC series pulls it off, too. The whole sexual slavery in the Edo period thing was omnipresent, but it wasn't wallowed in. And the main arc of the show had nothing to do with any sex stuff, but it wasn't conspicuously absent. (It breaks my suspension of disbelief, and I can't fully inhabit a story when a crew of teenage pirates (OP) or a cast of centuries-old samurai ghosts (Bleach) are all supposed to be completely celibate.)

Even better? Sexualitites other than hetero were acknowledged.
As something other than a joke.
In a mainstream anime.

How cool and depressingly rare is that?

And since everyone isn't unnaturally asexual, the inevitable slashyness DIDN'T EXIST. MuJin would be damn near canon in a sexless anime, but since everything wasn't so tightly repressed, characters can interact normally without the fraught subtext.

SC also had the first innocent heroine that doesn't irritate me.
I ended up writing my first 'losing her virginity' story.
Which will be posted at some point.

When I get that out of my system, I'm probably getting back to OP, Bleach, and IY. And Ranma, and Okami.

But that will be later. I've been working too much and then traveling to visit my Grandma who has been trapped sick in a Wisconsin hospital and my baby brother just graduated high school and his girlfriend and her dog just moved in with my parents because her parents kicked her out. I'm going back home sometime in the next day or two so she can have my old room.

So things are busy. Going 2 bed naow.

*Also the counterfeiting one, even though Jin's water-frolic is the funniest scene in the series, fat!Fuu is delightful, and Mugen is hugely entertaining when he's handed the Idiot Ball. I can't figure out why I dislike it so much. (Actually, I can. Yatsuha. I'm okay with tsundere, but I do not forgive renegers.)

Apr. 2nd, 2015


1P1P ch3 notes

NotesCollapse )

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