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squizbee's Journal

Here's my fanfic journal!

I have posted only to mailing lists before, but I figured that with as much time as I spend reading/writing fanfic - which is more than I want to even think about - I may as well post mine. I am no pro. That said, I generally have excellent spelling/grammar (except for sentence fragments and occasionally unnecessary commas).

You will find me at:
Good ol' Fanfiction.net

And AO3


I've discontinued posting on the following sites:

And FFnet's more mature (but far less populated) offspring AFFnet Here

And the wonderful Mediaminer Here

For Inuyasha fandom only: Here!

I had a fic in the works of sizable proportions. The research notes started piling up, and I had no place to put them. It was completely by chance that I remembered this journal, which I created because it seemed tragic to not have a journal named "squizbee" - which is a nonsense word that popped into my head while reading metaquotes ages ago.