The Sea of Statues Chapter 7 Notes

Honestly, most of this chapter was written the day after I posted chapter 6. So why did it take me a month to publish it?
Well, two reasons -
1. That second conversation with Nami? Kicked. My. Ass. It didn't get finished until yesterday.
2. I bought a Switch and Breath of the Wild, so that's where my time has been going.

Smoke-spewing black spheres that scream and mysterious clocks with weird symbols and no hands! What could possibly go wrong?

"Then he came upon a few bricks that had “24KT” stamped on them. Eureka." - I don't know if this counts as a pun, exactly, but I find it funny and that's what counts.

Franky: "’s like the riddle of the cabbage, the goat, and the wolf, you see?"
So Franky didn't trust Luffy alone with Usopp or Zoro with Sanji. He's wiser than he lets on, sometimes.

Other things:

Zoro didn't realize he was moving horizontally on the mountain as well as navigating with the Law of Up.

I like Mermaid Stampede. Getting back in a child's play-mindset to invent a game was fun.

Minor Nami/Zoro/Luffy at the end there...
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The Sea of Statues Chapter 6 Notes

Notes without discernable structure - Bullet Point Style!

- It was hard to fit everything in this chapter into a single day. I tried to stay consistent with things like distance and travel time, and accounting for the Strawhats' extreme competence and minimal need for time to do things like engineer antidotes and protective equipment.

- Am I the only one who thinks Usopp would be good at massage? He's ridiculously talented. Usopp needs more love. His relationship with Zoro is also underexplored IMO.

- This is my first story trying to stay canon with the Strawhats' sleep schedules. Nobody else does this because it's ridiculous. You'd have people coming and going at all hours in the bunkroom. But w/e

- Sanji's massage innuendos involve a lot of 'rubbing one out' jokes.

- You ever notice how totally fun it is to make tiny throwaway details relevant? ;)

- Best picture I could find of the Zhenniao!

- taaffeite
- black opal
- alexandrite
- benitoite

Each of those is more valuable by weight than gold. This has been another geology lesson for the day.

- 1 beri = 1 yen, 1 yen approximately = 1 penny, one paper currency approximately = 1g, 1g gold = a little under $50 USD at the time of this posting, therefore 1g gold approximately = 5,000 beri!

... what?

- Platinum is actually LOWER in value than gold at the time of this posting. But that's not usually the case.
This has been your economics lesson for the day.
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The Sea of Statues Chapter 5 Notes

When the old man came out, there were actual tears in his eyes. “An artist lives for the acknowledgement and appreciation of his work…”

Would you believe me if I said that this part wasn’t me passively-aggressively whining? I’ve had this story planned out for a long time. When I planned the scenes I had NO IDEA how much of a dud it was going to turn out to be. (Don't get me wrong. The comment I did get was wonderful. It was everything that could possibly be hoped for in a comment! I wouldn't give up that comment for a hundred monosyllabic ones!)

I suppose OC/Zoro is an official ship in this chapter, but damn it I don’t want to put that in the tags. It would totally run off the handful of people who do read it. (I know I would.)

And as for Sai? - In this house we appreciate they/them pronouns!

If you’re here from ffnet, then I’ll provide links to the patterns of the various roads:

"floret pentagonal tiling"
"snub hextille"
"…another especially beautiful floral one."
Rhombitrihexagonal tiling/rhombihexadeltille
The street made of cubes…
"The triangle one"
"Topological square tiling distorted into spiraling I shapes"
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The Sea of Statues Chapter 4 Notes

If it seemed to cut off abruptly, that's because this chapter was split when it started to get too long. I'm trying to keep chapters (except the pro- and epilogues) approximately 3k-ish words, and this chapter was looking to be more than double that.

Sanji being affectionate toward his male crewmates in his sleep because he thinks they're women? Canon. Not headcanon, actual canon. His massive freakouts about it are more headcanon-y. IMO his morning boner being indirectly sort-of caused by another dude would give him a massive identity crisis because internalized homophobia.

On the old Manoan: I can't find anything online that looks like the way I imagine this guy's robe looking. But as for the embroidery, it's a little like this kind of pattern, only instead of the whole garment being decorated, the embroidery was thickly along the seams and hems, leaving wide stretches of royal blue silk between.

Those rainbow-fringe jellyfish exist in the deep ocean, so Zoro was wrong about them being made up. But they would not exist in a shallow coral reef - that part is artistic license by the old Manoan.

So there have to be a few OCs in this arc of the story. I simply didn't see any way around it. The island is developed and populated, so the Straw Hats are going to meet a few people. I really like some of them, but all OCs are going to remain minor in the story, I promise!
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The Sea of Statues Chapter 3 Notes

Alternate summary: Robin arranges an epic exposition dump.

Franky said one thing that is factually incorrect, btw.

...ivory, rare corals, pearl, tortoiseshell, and I’ve even seen them sell barrels full of unspun silk filaments. Obviously none of those things can come out of a mine!

Nacre - aka (the valuable kind of) pearl and mother of pearl - can come out of a mine... in tiny quantities. It's the one thing in that list he mentioned that does fossilize, retaining its original form on rare occasions.

Incidentally, something called "Fossil Ivory" does exist, and it can come out of some kinds of mines, but it's not an actual fossil so much as it is normal ivory that turned weird colors over centuries from the dirt around it. When Franky said "Ivory" he was talking about the normal kind of pure dentine that he correctly declared would not come out of a mine.

This has been your geology lesson of the day.


Nami mentioned a designer that makes entire outfits out of tiny beads. Here's what I had in mind: Google "Maasai beadwork", then take the most elaborate pictures of the results, and expand that into an entire outfit.


Now this part:
Rumor claimed he was born from the shadow of a Manoan warrior. Zoro was the blood-lust and chaos and darkness that had been purged from the soul of a great Manoan hero who had ascended to become a god.
Did I just Piccolo Zoro? I totally Piccolo'd Zoro. To be fair, I'm hardly the first one to do it. Even DBZ Abridged has Piccolo'd Zoro (or rather, DBZA Zoro'd Piccolo).

Doesn't help that Chris Sabat gave them such similar voices either.

This was also the last chapter I had already finished prior to my starting to post this fic, so the daily updates are over for the time being.

I'm pretty strict about my rule of not begging for comments, but I'm like every other author in that they inspire me to write faster. I confess that silence is discouraging.